CSGO Free Cheat Download Glow, Triggerbot, NoRecoil - BSharp Hack v0.1

CSGO Free Cheat Download Glow, Triggerbot, NoRecoil - BSharp Hack v0.1

CSGO Free Cheat Download BSharp Hack is a great unique csgo hack developed by Baseult. Its features are a very simple and easy to use Free Cheat for CS:GO like Enemy Glow Hack, Triggerbot and NoRecoil.

If you're tired of the built-in cheat for CS:GO with a bunch of complex features packed in an ugly GUI, then CSGO BSharp Hack is for you. Just a simple program with Glow Hack (Enemy / Teammate), Triggerbot and NoRecoil / NoSpread that you can activate with one click with a simple menu.

The program itself is currently undetected, but if you want to make sure you don't get banned after playing on the official Valve servers, we highly recommend downloading and using a VACBypass (Valve Anti Cheat Bypass).

How to Use CSGO Free Cheat BSharp Hack

  1. Go ahead and download CSGO BSharp Hack down below
    The hack will be downloaded in a rar file which you must then extract
  2. Open the rar archive with an archive tool / extractor [e.g.: WINRAR, 7zip] and extract the exe file into another folder
  3. Use a VACBypass [Optional but makes it way safer to use]
  4. Open Steam and launch CS:GO
  5. When you are in the main menu of CS:GO, navigate to the folder where you have extracted the exe file
  6. Click on it twice and run it
  7. Focus on the BSharp window and check the boxes of the features that you want to enable
  8. Enjoy and play safe!

CSGO Free Cheat BSharp Hack Features

  • Glow Hack (for enemies and your teammates)
  • Triggerbot
  • No Recoil
  • Adjust Glow Refresh Rate
  • Adjust Triggerbot Delay
  • Adjust No Recoil Amount
  • and hopefully more features coming in the future...

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