CSGO CovertGlow ESP Hack External – VAC-Proof

csgo covertglow esp hack external

 Last Version: 27/09/2021

 Developers: KittenPopo Report Cheat

CSGO CovertGlow ESP Hack External – VAC-Proof

We present to you UNDETECTED CSGO CovertGlow ESP Hack External without VAC Ban. This Cheat was made by developer KittenPopo. Only ESP feature is available in this great cheat. This is because people easily cheat on Asal accounts. You will find more CS:GO cheats on our Cheater.Ninja website.

HOW TO USE CSGO CovertGlow ESP Hack External :

  1. Simply have CS:GO open, then run the EXE.
  2. You will have glow, both blue and yellow for CT and T teams.


  1. CovertGlow uses deep function and .text section obfuscation, such that its assembly is very different each time it runs.
  2. This makes it virtually impossible for VAC to detect the cheat through signature scans.
  3. Even if the cheat was added to the VAC database it still won’t be because there are no consistently identifiable patterns in the cheat.


  1. Try running as an administrator.
  2. Disable Windows Real-Time Protection, this can sometimes delete or interfere with this.
  3. Make sure your CSGO is on the latest version.

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