CSGO AlienWare MultiHack

csgo alienware multihack

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CSGO AlienWare MultiHack

How to use CSGO AlienWare MultiHack

Use one of the recommended injectors, run as admin, the process is “csgo.exe”
to access the menu press the INSERT key, if you are in-game you need to press ESC first.
It’s recommended to inject at main menu, but you can while you are in-game.

Features for CSGO AlienWare MultiHack :

Legit Bot | Aimbot, Triggerbot

Rage Bot | Accuracy functions can be used with legit bot, recommended to keep norecoil, and double tap turned off while playing legit, Autowall needs to be fixed.

Visuals Tab | Chams, Box Esp, added some color customization, drawn 2d radar.

Misc Tab | Knife Changer, I don’t care much about cosmetics, so it needs work, fakelag with lagcomp fix, clock feature, very rare.

Config system | also needs work, so it wont save your settings, this is the dev build so I didn’t remove anything that is not working.

Developer Note – CSGO AlienWare MultiHack:

-It’s undetected, and I have been using it in MM, the game is also free so if you are worried about a ban just make a free account.
-If you have menu drawing issues download “Microsoft .NET Framework” Supports Windows 10.
-Use one of the recommended injectors : MadInjector



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