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CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector v4.3.1 (+VACBypass)

CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector v4.3.1 (+VACBypass) CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector v4.3.1 (+VACBypass)

CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector is the best free to download injector and loader with which you can inject dll files into CS:GO while using the VACBypass CSGhost is probably the best injector ever made for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheats & Hacks that you can find on the internet.

It is completely free, safe to use, always undetected and it even comes with a Valve Anti Cheat Ban Bypass a.k.a VACBypass that disables Valve's absolutely awful Anti Cheat System that actually prevents nothing. As it is incredibly simple to use just by selecting a cheat dll with a couple of clicks, if you do not know how to use it, you can find the 'How to Use' intructions down below.

Since many Free Cheats for CSGO come as a dll, such as OTC and Osiris, it is a must for a cheater to have a reliable injector on their device that works on every update of CS:GO. But if you do not have cheats yet, you should check out the many hacks for CS:GO that we have on our website, the most popular being: 

How to Use CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector

  1. Download the CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector
  2. Extract the file from the RAR archive that it comes in
  3. Run the injector
  4. Click on Bypass VAC
  5. After Steam has been restarted, start CS:GO
  6. In the injector, select your cheat's dll file
  7. Press inject
  8. Enjoy!

CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector - FAQ

Answers to common questions about my injector, CSGhost.

What is CSGhost?

CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector is an injector program for CSGO cheating. It restarts your Steam with a VAC bypass module, preventing you from getting a VAC ban. It then allows you to inject a cheat of your choice into CSGO. CSGhost is not a cheat on its own.

Why is my game crashing?

If your game crashes, it’s because of the cheat you injected, not CSGhost. Do not report “game crashing” as a CSGhost bug, blame the cheat DLL you injected.

When will it be patched or detected?

Maybe never. Valve does not seem to care about detecting VAC bypasses. CSGhost v4.0 with a full VAC bypass has been undetected since April 2021.

"I got VAC banned using CSGhost!"

There are 3 possibilities:

  • VAC marked you for ban when you were NOT using CSGhost, but the actual ban was delayed. VAC often delays bans by as much as 2 weeks.
  • You were not VAC banned, but rather banned by overwatch or untrusted.
  • You somehow managed to break CSGhost and mess up the VAC bypass. If you fully restart Steam AFTER starting CSGhost, the VAC bypass will no longer be active and CSGhost will tell you.

Why is my trust factor red now?

Some CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector users may have their trust factor decrease after using CSGhost. This can be from a cheat you injected, or it can be the VAC bypass, which sometimes causes VAC to get concerned and lower your trust factor. Your trust factor should recover after you stop using CSGhost.

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Free Download CSGhost CSGO Cheat DLL Injector v4.3.1 (+VACBypass)

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