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CS2 Simple External Hack [Aimbot - ESP - Triggerbot - BypassOBS]

CS2 Simple External Hack [Aimbot - ESP - Triggerbot - BypassOBS] CS2 Simple External Hack [Aimbot - ESP - Triggerbot - BypassOBS]

A CS2 Simple External Hack that is straightforward and secure for the Counter-Strike 2. In point of fact, this is the very first authentic CS2 ESP & Aimbot Hack and source code that has ever been developed. It is a straightforward ESP system in the new version of the game that Valve has released, and it allows you to see your opponents through the textures on the battlefield.

A straightforward modification for CS2, but one that is required for every participant. By utilizing it, you will be able to activate the aimbot function so that you can strike the target with pinpoint accuracy, the ESP function so that you can see adversaries through the walls, as well as the distance and the quantity of health.

Note that this is a beta version of the hack, and there may be issues with the way it operates. Thank you for your understanding. For instance, the ESP display being wrong or the game crashing while you are playing. Visit Other Counter Strike 2 Cheats and Hacks.

How to use CS2 Simple External Hack 

Download this Free CS2 Simple External Hack 
Unzip the archive (winrar pass: 123)
Open CS2 Game
Change game screen to "Fullscreen Windowed"
Open CS2_External.exe from the folder
Boom!! Enjoy it!!


The new version of this cheat now has the ability to change the Keybind of the aimbot (in the previews version it default as ALT key)

Features of CS2 Simple External Hack [Aimbot - ESP - Triggerbot - BypassOBS]

  • Boneesp
  • Boxesp
  • Aimbot (with Rcs)
  • Eyeline
  • Auto Update Offsets
  • Weaponesp
  • Radar
  • Triggerbot
  • Headshoot Line
  • Fov Line
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Free Download CS2 Simple External Hack [Aimbot - ESP - Triggerbot - BypassOBS]

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  • Ark

    Really good, easy to use!

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  • as760707

    Please update not working :(

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    • andre3231

      plz can you put a ESP for C4

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          pls update again

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          • rafa8380

            algum BR para me ajuda, nunca vem o hack quando baixo vem uma setup e ja baixei o navegador que pede

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