Crab Game Mod Menu v2.11

Crab Game Mod Menu v2.11 Crab Game Mod Menu v2.11

Hi bro, Dani has developed Crab Game, but he hasn't managed to get ahead of Crab Game Cheats yet. Every day a new Crab Game Free Cheat comes out and here is one of them, Crab Game Mod Menu Hack. In this free and updated Crab Game Cheat you will find many important features and in this game you will be God. I've been testing it for a few days, it works great for me, I'm sure it will work well for you if you follow the steps below carefully. Please make sure to upgrade Crab Game to the latest version.

How to use - Crab Game Free Cheat ?

  1. Download Crab Game Hack
  2. Just put the dll in the game's folder and it will inject it automatically as it has its own installer.
  3. Using an extreme injector can also work, but I think this way is simpler, it's up to you.
  4. Open Crab Game


  • I updated the link to v1.9, it has a bunch of bug fixes, including ice speed
  • if the menu won't open download and install everything from here
  • If the cheat menu is not visible on your screen, please make sure to set your game screen settings to Full Screen Window.

Features of Crab Game Mod Menu v2.11
  • Esp Tracer
  • Esp Box
  • Speed Hack
  • God Mode
  • Fly Mode
  • No Camera Shake
  • Infinity Punch
  • Punch Aura
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  • Credits:
    Muffeen & Alizer
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    5 months ago

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