Counter Strike 2 Internal Cheat SDK | Windows & Linux

Counter Strike 2 Internal Cheat SDK  | Windows & Linux Counter Strike 2 Internal Cheat SDK  | Windows & Linux

This Counter Strike 2 Internal Cheat SDK has the potential to become a significant resource for the CS2 cheats development community. It is designed with the dual purpose of expediting development and offering greater flexibility. With support for DirectX11 and Vulkan, it contributes to the game's compatibility with a broader player base. My commitment to keeping the project up to date signifies an ongoing effort to provide developers with more possibilities.

Advantages of the Counter Strike 2 Internal Cheat SDK: This resource library offers a range of advantages to streamline your Counter-Strike 2 development process. Here are some key features of this project:

Diverse Graphic API Support:
The SDK supports both DirectX11 and Vulkan graphic APIs, ensuring smooth operation across various platforms. This contributes to broader accessibility for a larger player base.

Proximity to Source 2 Code:
The project has been designed with a close resemblance to Counter-Strike 2 code, making it more comprehensible and user-friendly for developers. This is essential for expediting your development process.

Ongoing Updates:
I am committed to regularly updating the project, time permitting. Consequently, I aim to maintain the SDK's relevance and integrate future enhancements.

Visual Representation
To provide you with a better understanding of the project's features, a visual representation is available. This can help you gain insights into the advantages offered by the project in various areas.

What's different from?
Now supports both Windows and Linux, main base logic has been refactored.

Instructions & Injection

Download cs2-sdk_Release.dll from the download button below.
Extract Archive to Folder (Password: 123)
Get an injector (Recommended: NinjaCS - CS2 Cheat Injector)
You can get information about How Internal Cheats are Injected from this blog
(How to Use Internal Cheats and Hacks - Step by Step Guide)
Manual mapping will break unloading.

 LoadLibrary - Works as expected.
 Manual map - /Zc:threadSafeInit- flag is required. C/C++ -> Command Line -> Additional Options.

 dlopen - Works as expected.

Features of Counter Strike 2 Internal Cheat SDK | Windows & Linux

  • Player Box
  • Player Name
  • Healtbar
  • Ignore Teammates
  • Ignore Enemies
  • Ignore Yourself
  • Weapon Box
  • Weapon Name
  • Chickens Box
  • Skinchanger
  • Wear Rating
  • Pattern Template
  • Stattrak Count
  • Custom Name
  • Add All Items
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  • tanono2201

    please add aimbot

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    • tanono2201

      try and try 3x after that dll will successful injected..thanks

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      • viktordeltour

        same problem game closes

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        • andre3231

          When cmd start the game just close

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