Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact v3.0 - Chinese & Global

Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact v3.0 - Chinese & Global Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact v3.0 - Chinese & Global

Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact is a tool that lets you inject Genshin Impact Cheats & Hacks for the Global as well as the Chinese versions

This piece of tool is a multi functional tool that lets you customize how the game Genshin Impact starts itself. On top of that this launcher comes with a cheat for the game as well. In addition this cheat is not just for the global version, meaning that it supports the chinese version, too.

It is hard to find Genshin Impact Cheats & Hacks for the chinese version of the Genshin Impact, that's why this is a rare software that you should download and immediately start using before there is new game update.

Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact - Features & Functions

  • Launch options for Genshin Impact
  • Auto-inject cheat (will auto-bypass before injecting it)
  • Auto-bypass anti-cheat in 5 seconds or less (useful for devs)
  • Genshin Impact log files auto-delete
  • Block Genshin Impact from uploading log files

And here are the keybinds of the features of the built in cheat:

  • Untouchable by Enemies
  • Inf [E/Q]
  • Inf Stamina
  • All Seeing Eyes (ESP)
  • Enemies Don't Attack You
  • Death Zone (kill nearby enemies/entities) — auto-turned off after 5 sec to prevent errors.
  • Destruction Zone (destroy nearby items) — auto-turned off after 3 sec to prevent errors.
  • Tabibito Accel (speed up only the player) — adjustable & not limited.
  • Tabibito Sight (toggle Elemental Sight)
  • World Warp (speed up the entire game)
  • Rapid Fire — auto-turned off after 10 sec to prevent errors.
  • Auto-Loot [F]
  • Performance Stabilizer (this is not an FPS unlocker)
  • Inf Charge Atk (bow, etc.)
  • Improved DMG Multiplier
  • Pick-up Range — adjustable & not limited.
  • Legit/Practical Mode
  • Player Manager (adjust Player Y position) — use [\] to toggle ON/OFF. read giperfHotkeys.txt.

How to Install & Use Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact

Using this Cheat Launcher is a bit different from other cheats for Genshin Impact that you might have used before. But if you follow these steps that I wrote down for you, you should be good to go.

  1. Go ahead and Download the Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact
  2. A zip file called "giperf.zip" will be downloaded, extracted the files in the archive into a folder
  3. Copy the giperf.exe that is in the folder that you just extracted, and paste it into Genshin Impact's root (installation) directory
  4. Open CMD as Administrator and do a pushd to the giperf folder
  5. Type giperf to the CMD console, and all the information about giperf will be printed out.
  6. Type giperf -presets on the CMD then hit [Enter]. giperf.exe will create some .bat files for you;
  7. You can now use those batch files to launch Genshin Impact.

https://streamable.com/5euivg [Genshin Impact Better Laucher Preview]

https://streamable.com/xtrbdp [GIPerf Cheat Preview (v2.2 game update)]

Cheat Launcher for Genshin Impact - Developer Notes

  • Edit -res 1920x1080 in the batch files to match your screen resolution or your preferred resolution;
  • Always run CMD/the batch files as Administrator to avoid errors with the giperf.exe;
  • Use giperf -nologs or NoLogs.bat to block Genshin Impact from sending log files to miHoYo;
  • Use giperf -cheat or InjectCheat.bat only if you're already in-game and your chara has been spawned.

The external DLL & injector used by this program were from different devs.
Now it's using my own cheat so it doesn't require external DLL nor injector.
But thanks to these awesome people, they helped to make it possible.

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