Call of Duty MW4 Hack | Cod4hek Cheat

Call of Duty MW4 Hack | Cod4hek Cheat

You can easily kill all your enemies while playing online with the Call of Duty MW4 Hack. Thanks to the abundant features in the cheat, you can crush your opponents. This will give you a much better advantage. You can see the positions of all your opponents with Esp. With Slient Aim, you can easily kill all your enemies. There are Free Call Of Duty Hack and Cheat content for each series on our site, don't forget to check it out.

Call of Duty MW4 Hack

Instructions for Call of Duty MW4 Hack:

1. Extract all files to a folder of your choice
2. Open the game
3. Run mayhembot.exe (you will hear a beep on successful injection)
4. Press INSERT to open/close the menu

Developer Note;

Since I don’t care about this game anymore, here’s a freebie I’ve been working on (works on 1.8, client v21.1).
Just something to give back to this amazing community from which I’ve learned a lot.

You can find more customization options and information in the settings.ini file (changing colors, font, etc.).
Inject after you open the game. Press INSERT to open the menu (navigate using arrow keys)

Features of Call of Duty MW4 Hack | Cod4hek Cheat
  • Box Esp
  • Box Style
  • Name Esp
  • Team Esp
  • Distance Esp
  • Grenade Esp
  • Silent Aim
  • Clean Screenshots
  • Anti Ban
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