Build A Boat For Treasure Cheat | 2021

build a boat for treasure cheat

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What’s up, I’m going to introduce the Build A Boat For Treasure Cheat today.

Build A Boat For Treasure is a nice game where you can bring your creativity to the game.

In the game, you design beautiful bones with materials and blocks and try to survive in deep water with them.

There are different kinds of traps everywhere in the water and they are trying to sink the ship. You have to reach the end without sinking your ship.

You can buy new blocks with your money and build more beautiful ships. You can blast traps with balls. More and more on our site.

Good games.

Features Of Build A Boat For Treasure Cheat

  • Auto Farm
  • Teleport
  • WalkSpeed
  • JumpPower
  • Fly


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