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bloodhunt free astrox hack

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Yes, Bloodhunt fans, it’s here. Bloodhunt Free ASTROX Hack | Esp is released and ready to use. The team behind this amazing hack has developed a hack that can be used by anyone with very little trouble. It is really easy to use, the instructions are extremely coherent and detailed and are no more than a few clicks away from downloading the game and using a totally free hack for Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt is an online game that should be installed in your computer for full enjoyment of the game, but using this hacking tool will make your opponent look weak and you will go through each level like nothing’s wrong. This way of playing requires a huge amount of skill, patience and quick thinking because you have to move your gaming avatar in space according to the environment surrounding him. It’s a good thing to play when friends visit you on weekends or after school or at any time when you have at least 20 minutes of free time because trust us, it’s addictive as hell and makes you want more the whole day.

bloodhunt free astrox hack

Bloodhunt Free ASTROX Hack | Features


  • Box (on/off)

  • Line (on/off)

  • Invisible Players (on/off)

  • Player Name (on/off)

  • Enemy Only (on/off)

  • Alive Only (on/off)

  • BOX (2D Full box, 2D Not Full, 3D Full Box 2D Fill Box)

  • Lines ( Above Box (Top Of Screen)), Bellow Box (Bottom Of Screen))


  • Esp BOX Color Adjustment

  • Esp Skeleton Color Adjustment

  • Esp Line Color Adjustment

  • FOV Color Adjustment

  • Crosshair Color Adjustment

How to Use Bloodhunt Free ASTROX Hack:

  1. Download the cheat from bottow below
  2. Extract the cheat from the archive that has been downloaded
  3. Launch Bloodhunt
  4. Enjoy and have fun!!

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