Battlefield 2 GhostHack v2.0.0 | Internal Project Free Reality Cheat

Battlefield 2 GhostHack v2.0.0 | Internal Project Free Reality Cheat Battlefield 2 GhostHack v2.0.0 | Internal Project Free Reality Cheat

Battlefield 2 GhostHack is a cheat that has a lot of features and can take you to the top.

Battlefield 2 is a world war game and it is a game that I enjoy playing. I played the whole series and now I'm playing 42. You have to act smartly and logically in the game. Because the map is large, you may have a hard time spotting people. Cool moves and long range shots are a lot of fun. Thanks to the Battlefield 2 GhostHack, you will not have to worry about calling people. You will be able to detect and kill people easily. It's okay if you're a bad shooter. The Battlefield 2 GhostHack will make you a good marksman.

All you have to do is download and run as told.Don't forget to check out Free Battlefield Hack and Cheat content and other content. The cheat is reliable and useful. I explained its features and how it works.

Battlefield 2 GhostHack


  1. Download Battlefield 2 Project Reality GhostHack
  2. Extract the exe file from the archive and put it into a folder of your choice
  3. Start Battlefield 2
  4. Navigate to the folder where you have your exe file
  5. Run the Battlefield 2 Project Reality GhostHack as administrator
  6. Enjoy!


  • External
  • Minimap (icons Vehicles/kits)
  • NameTags(distance/icons kits)
  • Crosshair
  • SnapLine
  • Show enemy Tickets/cashes


  • General
    • Show menu: DELETE
    • Mouse: move menu, scroll items and change values
    • Arrows: navigate and change values
  • Shortcuts
    • Tabs and items
    • Shift + ↑: go to the first item
    • Shift + ↓: go to the last item
    • Shift + ←: previous tab
    • Shift + →: next tab
    • Menu color
    • Ctrl + ←: previous menu color
    • Ctrl + →: next menu color

Battlefield 2 GhostHack

Is There a Ban Risk?

There is risk in every game, but I will tell you how you can reduce the risk. You can use the features of the Battlefield 2 GhostHack on low settings. This makes you look like a professional gamer. You can still destroy everyone, but you'll draw less attention. Do not tell your friends or people in the game that you are cheating. Do not aim at the players you see behind the wall, this shows that you see them. Try not to attract attention and do not make impossible hits. If you pay attention to these, you will not have a problem. good games.



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