Banana Shooter Hack | Aimbot Cheat

Banana Shooter Hack | Aimbot Cheat Banana Shooter Hack | Aimbot Cheat

If you want to gain an advantage against all characters and opponents in the game, you can quickly use this Banana Shooter Hack. This fun content, where you can improve yourself in minutes within the game, is on cheater.ninja.

This content, which provides you aim support by locking on the characters in an optimized way in the game, is very good and you can easily hit all your shots and increase your kda quickly. You can always be the best with free hack content.

How to Use:

  1. First of all, download AHK 1.1 version from AHK's offical site (make sure to download the deprecated 1.1 version and not the newer one)
  2. Download the cheat by clicking on the download button below. Extract the files into any directory
  3. While Banana Shooter is running, open the .ahk cheat file using AHK
  4. Make sure that the following in-game settings are set as follows:
  5. Enjoy!

Features of Banana Shooter Hack | Aimbot Cheat

  • Aimbot
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Free Download Banana Shooter Hack | Aimbot Cheat

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