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Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script | Nick Release

Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script | Nick Release

Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script 2021 NEW AHK Hack. While "Apex legends" continues to be popular in today's Battle Royal game market, we, as Cheater.Ninja Free Cheats Community, continue to offer you Free Apex Legends cheats. Download UNDETECTED apex legends hacks and get rid of the limits the game gives you.
This is the best apex legend ever made with no recoil hacks and a macro and apex not detected as it doesn't detect AHKs. I have been using it for quite some time, I will briefly describe how to use it and how to download it for free.

Know issue - Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script

  1. This script is for 1920 x 1080 resolution only. ( Will support other resolution in future )
  2. Random mouse freeze ( Rarely happen )
  3. Recoil pattern so weird because I copy paste from many source. (ฺ Will fix that in future )
  4. Auto weapons detection is not accurate. ( Still working on it )
  5. Updated pattern still not perfect.
  6. To make auto fire work you must bind your secondary shoot key to 9.
  7. To disable auto fire delete the weapon pattern

Future plan - Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script

  • Update all weapon pattern.
  • Improve performance of script. ( Make it cost less lag, more accurate weapon detect )
  • Support other resolutions.

How to use - Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script

  1. You must have these files otherwise the script won't work properly.
  2. Download and install AHK from here. (AHK Hider Download)
  3. Edit your sens and zoomsens in settings.ini
  4. Bind your secondary shoot key to 9 or any key ( Must match in NickAR.ahk )
  5. Run NickAR.ahk as admin.
  6. Run AHKHider.ahk as admin. ( Make sure u have hyde.dll and hyde64.dll in folder )
  7. Enjoy


I'm making Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script with auto detect weapon function. This script work fine but have some issue.
I think I would share this script so that everyone can help to improve this script.
I implement from Updated [Apex Legends NoRecoil Script] - PART 2 and some GitHub.
Anyone please leave a problem that u found so I can fix that problem. But I know the recoil pattern is so wried. I will make it better but now I focused on making the auto detect weapon function work perfectly .My GitHub If u guys have better pattern that can share or any suggestion u can leave a reply so I can make the script better. My discord: xLUC1F3Rx#0491

Change log Apex Legends NoRecoil Cheat Script

- S14 Update.
- Update Spitfire, R99, RE45, CAR and Alternator. ( Pattern not have enough test so it maybe weird )
- This update is only RewriteV2.

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  • Credits:

    sayoui001 / xLUC1F3Rx#0491
  • Last edited:

    1 day ago

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