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Apex Legends Multi Script | NoRecoil - Color Aimbot Hack

Apex Legends Multi Script | NoRecoil - Color Aimbot Hack

Apex Legends Multi Script is a very simple cheat made using the AutoHotKey API. It is completely safe to use and UNDETECTED. This .ahk script is a mixture of two Apex Legends scripts made by two different individuals. For more info, open credits.txt located in the same folder as all the other files. For support pls contact me Discord A WeirD KiD#0119 or leave a comment under this post. Note: ADS mode must be set to Hold and not Toggle. Also make sure to turn off your Anti-Virus (hyde.dll and hyde64.dll may get flagged)

Features of Apex Legends Multi Script:

  • Colour Aimbot (Red)

This colour aimbot locks into anything red which means that it only works with gold optics.

  • Recoil Control (confugurable on built-in gui)

How to use Apex Legends Multi Script:

  1. Turn off your Anti-Virus System
  2. Download the .zip file
  3. Extract the .zip file
  4. Install AutoHotkey
  5. Open Apex Legends
  6. Find the folder with all the files and run gui.ahk
  7. Enjoy :)

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  • Credits:
    JuicyChann & od9m & mgsweet
  • Last edited:

    3 months ago

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