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Welcome. Today I will show you the Anime Artifacts Simulator Hack. I recommend that you read the article carefully. I explained everything down to the smallest detail in my video. I will try to explain in this article.

First of all, let me talk about Anime Artifacts Simulator. This game is actually similar to other roblox games. Of course, as in every game, it has its own structure. It has animations and dynamics.There are multiple islands in the game.

There are different creatures on each island. Every creature is different. For example, it is possible to find some living creatures with 30/30 health and some 100/100 thousands of health.

You can cut all the monsters by improving yourself and your sword. It will give you gold when you hit it with the left mouse click. The more gold, the more power you get.

The cheat will help you with this. Click here for more.

Features Of Anime Artifacts Simulator Hack:

  • Yen Farm(sword)
  • Yen Farm
  • Auto Buy Sword
  • Get free Mihawk sword
  • Farm all mobs & bosses
  • All Island Teleports
  • Claim Codes
  • Built in Anti AFK
  • Game Link: Click here




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