Among Us Trainer Hack for Xbox v4.0

Among Us Trainer Hack for Xbox v4.0 Among Us Trainer Hack for Xbox v4.0

Among Us Trainer Hack is for XBOX version. You can easily run and use it in that version. It has very useful and simple features. You can be very fast. This allows you to progress distances on the map very quickly. In this way, you can go anywhere without any hassle. You can run away from everyone or catch everyone. You can kill someone very easily. In this way, he can win the games. You can get high scores. There are Free Among Us Hack and Cheat content for the computer version or different versions on our site, don't forget to check them out.

Among Us Trainer Hack Changelog

  • Adding ChatType (1=freechat, 2=limited. If you set 1 you can write freely, the others not)
  • Adding Names+Roles(3 players for now) (bugged, 50% of games work, if you finish a game and re-enter the lobby and see a duplicate of your name on the name value exit and return)
  • Roles: 0=Crewmate, 1=Impostor, 2=Sciencist, 3=Engineer, 4=guardian angel, 5=Shapeshifter
  • The value of roles and names should only be read, not written

Features of Among Us Trainer Hack for Xbox v4.0
  • Speed Hack
  • Vision Range
  • Kill Cooldown
  • Kill Distance
  • Number Of Emergy Meetings
  • Short Tasks (from Host Only)
  • Killall Maxvision
  • Freechat
  • All Players Info
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