Among Us Item Unlocker Hack

Among Us Item Unlocker Hack

Among Us Item Unlocker Hack is a cheating tool for any version of Among Us that unlocks every single item in your inventory. Meaning that you d not have to wait for any updates by the developer and you can use it for anything you want such as looking cool or flexing on your friends by showing off your cool items that they don't have!

Although unfortunately it is not a permanent unlocker, you will have to run it every time you launch Among Us and apply the hack all over again. Since the cheat cannot remotely add items to your account, a relaunch of the hack is necessary as it only interacts and manipulates the memory of the game.

Among Us Item Unlocker Hack

How to Use Among Us Item Unlocker Hack

AmongUsCosmetics is a hack that unlocks all in-game cosmetics for the popular Game Among Us.
No more, no less. It will automatically be loaded by the Game itself if the dll is in the game directory.

  1. Download the cheat from our website where you can find even more Among Us Cheats
  2. Extract the cheat from the archive that it is in
  3. Launch Among Us
  4. Run the item unlocker hack
  5. Check your inventory
  6. Voilà! Enjoy the items
  7. Source Code: Click Here

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