AIMi CS2 Hack - AI Aimbot

AIMi CS2 Hack - AI Aimbot AIMi CS2 Hack - AI Aimbot

AIMi CS2 Hack is a free artificial intelligence cheat developed for Counter Strike 2, standing out as a marksman equipped with real-time object detection capabilities. This cheat draws attention with its ability to recognize and track objects within the game. Among AIMi's key features are the ability to recognize patterns similar to human movements and the capacity to detect human formations within the game.

AIMi analyzes patterns in real-time within the game, matching these patterns with game models to identify and target objectives. Particularly, by designating the head region as the target, it directs the crosshair towards the objective, optimizing the aiming process. However, it is noted that AIMi's current performance is not entirely satisfactory. Therefore, it is in a continuous process of development and training.

Developers continually provide training with new data to enhance AIMi's effectiveness and accuracy as a marksman, updating its algorithm accordingly. The aim is to optimize AIMi CS2 Cheat user experience within the game.

Nevertheless, the usage of such artificial intelligence cheats and marksman tools may be against the ethics and rules of the game. Game developers often implement various security measures to detect and prevent the usage of such cheats. It is crucial for gamers to carefully evaluate the use of such software to ensure fair and enjoyable gaming environments.

Counter Strike 2 AI Aimbot Hack is Safe?

The utilization of Counter Strike 2 AI Aimbot Hack is distinct from traditional hacking practices in gaming, as it refrains from altering game files or disrupting game processes. Instead, it assumes control on behalf of the user without delving into the game's memory, rendering its presence practically imperceptible to "Anti-Cheat" software. This approach ensures a discreet and non-invasive integration, distinguishing it from conventional hacking methods that involve direct interference with game components.

PS: a lot of AI uses the same algorithm by pytorch, it may be similar to other AI but different ways of working.
PS: if you get this messege [WARN:[email protected]], its a warning issued by the opencv library

because its unable to recognize the CPU because it interferes with CUDA cuz GPU is disabled in this version,

Its okay, its just a warning, ignore this message because it doesnt stop the program from working, just a warning

I will solve this bug in the next release.

when use AIMi you will see slight vibration in AIMi CS2 Hack because its a beta version, everything will be improved in the next releases,

it will be better more accurate in the next releases because it works very well for some people and it works well for me,

it varies according to the processors that can analyze the neural network ,

but still work fine .


1. It's an improved version of a very old version of YOLOv3 objects detector, YOLOv7 will be used in the next release
2. It's the CPU 80%-GPU 20% version only by using OpenCV , in the next release it will be developed to work on the GPU by CUDA to make it fast and work more accurately.
3. You don't need RTX to make it work.
4. This AI is currently optimized for cs2, valorant, fps games, etc..

How to use:

1. Download Python.
2. Download AIMi CS2 Hack.
3. Extract it.
4. Disable mouse enhance pointer precision, Mouse Properties->Pointer Options->Enhance Pointer Precision
5. Python start.py or double-click.

PS: You do not need to do anything else, just open the program from CMD or double-click, and it will download all the required libraries by it self.


(F1) Aimbot: Always On/Hold Mode
(Mouse4) Hold Mode: Press/Release
(0) Exit
With gui objects detector.

ShowCase Video:

Features of AIMi CS2 Hack - AI Aimbot

  • F1) Aimbot
  • (mouse4) Hold Mode
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