1v1 lol Colorbot Cheat

1v1 lol colorbot cheat

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1v1 lol Colorbot Cheat is a great Hack for the Fortnite knock-off 1v1.lol which is a browser game that can be played from your browser.

1v1 lol Colorbot Cheat which can be downloaded from our website, just like the name suggests, currently only has feature which is detecting the ability to detect the enemy’s color and automatically shooting them by simulating your mous’ left click button. The dev is planning on adding new features such as ESP.

1v1.lol is a competitive online third-person shooter in which you must strategically construct your way across the battlefield. To help your defenders and gain an edge, you can construct platforms, ramps, and walls. The main game mode is a 1v1 battle royale in which the last player standing wins.

How you play 1v1.lol varies depending on the game mode. Most of the time, you’ll be playing battle royale, with the goal of eliminating opponents and being the final survivor. You’ll have a number of weapons at your disposal, including an ax for chopping down your opponents’ defenses. There are four construction blocks tied to your keys for easy access, in addition to your weaponry.

How to Use 1v1 lol Colorbot Cheat

  1. Download 1v1 lol Colorbot Cheat
  2. Extract the cheat files from the archive
  3. Run Loader.exe
  4. Select “1v1.lol | Hack Menu” and click on “Load”
  5. Open 1v1.lol
  6. Click on the “Colorbot” checkbox check it
  7. Have fun!

Aim key is RButton (Right Click)
The process “CLOL.exe” is the colorbot script, it can be ended by pressing ( ` )

Changed whole UI. Added Smoothing Slide bar. New steps: Download the archive Extract it Open Loader.exe Choose a smoothing Click “Load Colorbot” Enjoy!

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    • Zelt2710
    • Try lowering down the X, Y and targeting sensitivity. I use 13 X 13 Y and 50 Targeting and it is perfect.

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